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Has your child ever done something embarrassing, like grab something off the shelf at a store and throw it, have a meltdown at the doctor’s office, or run behind the rope at the museum exhibit and refuse to come back even as you are yelling (begging) them to return?

Of course they have–it’s happened to all of us.

When I first became a mom  I noticed that when these things happened, I would become extremely flustered and brace myself for judgment or looks of disapproval. Instead, what I found was that I was often lucky enough to see a mom nearby, and to catch a smile from her, or a knowing look and wink. Sometimes, a kind mom would even come over to help and strike up a conversation about how difficult it is, for example, to take the kids grocery shopping.  In those moments, I felt intense acceptance and affirmation. I realized that other moms understood, more than anyone, and that their reassurance and support could lift me up in ways I never expected. I developed this website to create a space to give that (virtual) knowing look and smile to other mothers, and to share strategies that we moms can use to cultivate our strengths.

I hope you will take a moment to check out this website, including the Hope Notes for Moms and Resources page. If you like what you see, consider using the “subscribe” button on the home page to subscribe to my blog and receive blog updates directly in your email inbox.

Talk soon, Mama!


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