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On this page you will find resources about a variety of topics–everything from worksheets to links for websites. If there are topics you would like to see included here, or if you have any suggestions, feel free to send me an email at:  I also have resources on my Pinterest boards about positive psychology, parenting, perinatal mental health, gratitude, mindfulness, and multicultural and biracial/multiracial resources, among others.


Hope Notes for Moms Project

Hope Notes for MomsThe Hope Notes for Moms project is a dynamic collection of brief messages of support and hope for moms, written by moms. They are designed to give moms of all types (first-time, single, etc.) a boost of hope. I will post Hope Notes for Moms on my blog, and you can also find an archive of all the notes here. Most importantly, you can contribute to this project by emailing me your own hope note.



Strengths Exercises for Moms

Download them, print them, and share them with a mom you know. These are free exercises FOR YOU!

A Daily Moment of Gratitude for Moms
-a brief exercise for cultivating gratitude in our busy lives

Designing Your Own Mama Mantra
-ideas for developing a mantra to help you cope with stressful situations

What Nourishes You, Mama?
-an exercise designed to help moms identify activities that nourish and deplete them, and make a plan for more nourishment.

Maximizing Your (Incredibly Small Amount of) Free Time
-tips for getting things done when time is at a premium (in other words, every day!)

Articles Featured in Other Blogs


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When Others Criticize Our Parenting (The Butterfly Mother)

Parenting Pep Talk #30 (Little Love, Big Hearts)



For Extra Support During Pregnancy and After Baby Arrives

Postpartum Support International An organization designed to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum. This website has an amazing amount of resources, including a number to call if you are looking for mental support in your area.

Some of My Favorite Strengths-Focused Websites for Moms


Power of Moms

Dr. Christine Carter M


Working Moms Against Guilt


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