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My Dear Fellow Mama,

The best piece of advice I ever got as a mother is that my child will tell me what he needs, when he needs it, and what is helpful–my only job is to listen. All the books in the world or pieces of advice from other people or judgments imposed on me by society don’t matter nearly as much as listening to my son. The way he cries, the way he laughs, the way he is quiet, the way he is not quiet–they are all his own unique ways of communicating with me. All I have to do is listen. Listen with my heart, listen with all of me. He intrinsically knows what he needs and I can teach him so much about being healthy by listening to him and showing him how to listen to, and trust, himself.

This has gotten me through all the years of parenting so far and helped me trust my own intuition as a mother in this most sacred of all bonds that is simultaneously incredibly intimidating and incredibly powerful!

~ A Mom from California


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