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Dear New Mom,

Welcome to the most challenging job you will ever have.  Your new boss is small but loud and has poor communication skills.  You probably already know you love your new boss more than you could ever imagine.  There will be times you think you’re not good enough to work for your new little boss.  The fact that you feel that way means you’re doing your best.  We have all been there, feeling overwhelmed and oh so tired.  Hang in there and remember you will get lots of smiles, kisses and hugs:  the best payment you will ever get.  Best of luck!

 ~ A fellow mom

The Hope Notes for Moms project is a collection of brief messages of support and hope for moms, written by moms. You can find an archive of all the notes here. Most importantly, you can contribute to this project and support a fellow mom by emailing me your own hope note to:


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